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A Brief Discussion on What You Should Know About the Honesty and Integrity Test

A vast majority of the organizations are not able to advance the quality of the workforce. Most of the organizations, will, in most of the cases, implement programs such as training and development for the sake of improving the quality of the workers. On the other hand, there are those organization that leverage on employee coaching and guidance. In some cases, all these programs work. The organization may be significantly affected if the workforce main challenge falls under values and related behavioral problems. Where such a problem faces an organization, the use of honesty and integrity testing is a pre-employment measure may come in handy. An organization may incorporate these pre-employment measures especially to bolster the recruitment practices.

Honesty and integrity test are a test that is usually designed to assess the tendency of the applicant to have particular attributes. Dependability, honesty and trustworthiness are some of the attributes usually tested using the Honest and Integrity test. Typically, there are certain attributes that a worker without integrity will possess. This could be violence, pilferage, absenteeism or theft. The use of honesty and integrity tests as a pre-employment measure is based on the idea that integrity can predict job performance. Typically, different job applicants, both men, and women, will have different honesty and integrity test performance.

The use of the honesty and integrity tests is associated with a number of advantages. With personality tests, it becomes easier for the organization to know traits associated with a particular applicant. With the honesty and integrity tests, an organization can focus on certain attributes that tend to have an impact on the organization’s overall performance the most. Apart from affecting individual behavior and performance, some of the attributes tested may greatly impact the efficiency and profitability of the organization.

Honesty and integrity testing involve the use of several tools. Some of the tools may include the Big Five Attitudes and Elite Integrity Profile. The Big Five Attitude measures any attribute that yields counter-productive traits in the organization. In this case, the characteristics to be tested includes the integrity and reliability. The Big Five Attitudes are best used during the pre-hiring screening process. Elite Integrity Profile is best used to measure work-related attitude. It is also used to tests any worker issues that may be related to work. In this case, the attributes that will be measured include accountability, whether a worker can be trusted and compliance. The tool can also be implemented to test the probability of the worker not engaging in violent activities.

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